Flex Your Heart to Jaakko

jaakkoeinokalevi / flexibleheart / dreamzone / synthpop / millennial / melancholic / helsinki / generationy

A dashing millennial has just broken free. His name is Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Mind you, though: before exploding with his mellow day-glo pop music, he was caged in a 9-to-5 job as a tram driver in his adopted hometown, Helsinki.

A true child of the today, he has taught himself to play the saxophone and enjoys drawing–but he never seems to find the time to do the latter. He perfected his lush-sounding grooves through a mash-up of inspirations, from Dream Theater to reggae, disco and techno amongst others–and right from the he dissed the easily-fashionable, forcedly-grown bearded look for a Scandinavian hippie, strawberry blonde, chest-long hairdo.

These apparently random excursions toward whichever sounds tickle his fancy are meticulously composed into a smart reference to classic ‘80s chart hits. The beats seem to reach the ear through a wall of cotton wool, casting all listeners–even the most casual ones–into a sort of dazed sleep-week state, whilst the lyrics float in a comforting dream zone. And it turns out to be just what Jaako intends to convey. As he candidly admits, he chose the title ‘Dreamzone’ for his first EP because the word kept haunting him. ‘Dreamzone’ is also the name of a Finnish online dream forum where people share their dreams and interpret them. “I sometimes go there and steal some of their dreams for my songs”, he says, in a somewhat childlike, cheeky way–that is, he might just sincerely want to chant us so that we can enter his fantasies and participate of his memories.

The result is an engaging degree of self-absorption, melancholic disposition and forensic attention to detail. Generation Y has really found a new synth-pop troubadour in Jaakko–we just need to let ourselves absorb his pastel-shaded, rarified music and flex our hearts to our (and his) world-weariness.

You don’t have to say that you love me
Just show how flexible you are
You don’t have to say that you need me
Just show how flexible you are