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French visionary duo Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry established Études Studio as a comprehensive creative collective. Exploiting their ten-year experience in creative direction, photo-editing and graphic&product designing at clothing brand Hixsept, they set up a quiet yet fast-paced ravishing haven for propelling their cutting-edge vision of art tout court. With headquarters in lively Paris and NYC (where their month-long pop-up store on 245 Broome Street in downtown Manhattan will be open until June 21st), they are first and foremost contemporary artists. Truly. They personally curate art-catalogues for the likes of Bryan Dooley and Daniel Everett. They play their own music when presenting their creations. They design and produce their own menswear and accessories, and they’ve recently launched a line of sunglasses in collaboration with iconic RetroSuperFuture (check out the presentation video here).

Their vibe is astonishingly neat and understated, yet vibrant and easily remarkable, despite being on the fashion scene for just two years now. Their current N° 4 SS14 collection, World Talk, is nonchalantly cyber and African-inspired. Excelling in the use of silhouette and colour, it features a number prints by artist Manuel Fernandez. Aurélien and Jérémie hold on to their trademark oversized, minimal, subtle and layered feel and give us plenty of options to choose from. An African long tunic in a graphic black&white cyber pattern. A dark beige one-button loose tailored jacket with matching trousers. Colour-blocked, crew-neck classic bomber jackets in black or yellow to combine over a long printed vest. A transparent, faded trench-coat in the shades of matte ice white and pale blue. Loose graphic printed shorts over black meggings. A short-sleeved solid blue sporty anorak over loose fit patterned long or short-sleeved shirts over printed long-sleeved tops. To complete the outfits they present their signature, must-have colour-blocked large hats and caps in matching designs. Whether you want to go total-look or mix each piece of art with the next, you will never get it wrong.

It is really a World Talk – a laid-back conversation between cultures from the four continents, meeting and merging up in an ideally free place where chaotic, beautiful mishmash is fair game.

· Official Website: www.etudes-studio.com
· Official Tumblr: www.tumblr.etudes-studio.com

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JASON NOCITO FOR ÉTUDES & SUPER from Joe DeNardo on Vimeo.